Zone Systems

Are some rooms in your home too hot while others are to cold?
Your current system puts out heated or cooled air that runs through the ducts to various rooms of your home. Every home has a different air flow pattern. Because of the floor plan layout, wind, exposure to the sun, drafts, etc., different rooms have different requirements for heating or cooling to maintian the desired comfort level in each room.

Also, there are time when you are not using various rooms and could save money by not heating or cooling them. A Zone System can maintain the desired level of comfort to every zone in your home.

To accomplish this dampers are inserted into the ducts leading to each zone, these dampers are then controled by a thermostat in that zone. This allows you to select the desired comfort level in each zone or room.

Zoning Recommendations

  • Most homes need a minimum of two zones, the living area and the sleeping area
  • Additional zones for kitchen, family room and entertaining area will add addtional comfort and energy savings
  • Each level of you home should have a seperate zone
  • Any room that is not regularly occupied should have it's own zone
We can incorporate a zone system into your existing system.
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